• Welcome to the SociallyUp tutorial


    Below you will find the different steps to help you master all of the different features!

  • Step 1 : Go to SociallyUp


    Choose your interface: mobile and/or web


    IOS users : Apple Store App

    Android users : Google Play App

    To use the web version : ambassador.sociallymap.com

  • Step 2 : Log in to SociallyUp

    To log in on both the web and mobile version, enter your email address and the code received by email (or request a code).

  • TIP

    For security reasons, the ambassador code is only valid for 30 minutes. Make sure to enter it as soon as you receive it (or request a new one if the last one expired).

  • Step 3: Link your social networks by using your personal logins


    On the mobile interface


    In the settings, link your social media accounts and adjust the frequency of your push notifications to make sure you don’t miss anything!


    On the web interface


    Link your social media accounts on the left-hand side of the screen.




  • Step 4: Manage your content categories


    You receive content based on the categories you have subscribed to.

    You can modify your category subscriptions at any time.



    On the mobile interface


    Open the menu, click on “Settings,” then choose the categories you would like to see in your Ambassador news feed.

  • On the web interface


    Choose the categories you want in the “Subscriptions” menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


    The push notifications that you will receive on your smartphone depend on the categories you subscribe to.

  • Step 5 : Choose your content


    Scroll through the articles and click on them to view them.

    Under the article, you can see the source and the origin of the content (for a publication with optimal formatting, share it on the same network that it came from).



    On the mobile interface

    To view the entire message, click on "share"

  • On the web interface


    A system of filters will allow you to navigate easily through your content.

  • TIP

    When the app launches, it displays the last 15 messages sent in the embassy.

    To access older messages, scroll down and hold the left-hand side of your screen to download the rest.

    Be careful! It’s not possible to quote on Twitter. A tweet shared on a Twitter account will automatically appear as a retweet.

    A publication shared on LinkedIn will always be optimized if the origin displays the logo “in”.

  • Step 6.1 : Share the content you're interested in from your mobile phone


    On the content you want to share, click on "Share" (1)

    Personalize your message by clicking on "Personalize message..." (2)

    Select the networks on which you xant to relay this content by clicking on the corresponding icon(s) (3)

    A confirmation window appears when sharing content on social networks.

    This window allows ambassadors to validate or cancel their sharing.

    The possibility is offered to stop seeing the message, to find the initial functioning, namely sharing the message as soon as you click on the social network logo (the confirmation window appears once per social network).



  • Step 6.2 : Share the content you're interested in from your computer


    Click on “Share” (1)

    Personalize your message (2)

    Choose your networks (3)

    Share your content (4)

  • Step 6.3 : Delete a message

    Any message deleted from the trash will be deleted permanently.



    On the mobile interface

    On the web interface

  • TIP

    A message that has been posted will disappear from Ambassador (web and mobile).

    A sent message is automatically published: watch out for over-saturation (for example: by validating 4 articles, you create 4 publications, one right after the other).

  • Bonjour & bienvenue !

    Ajouter un sous-titre ici.

  • New feature

    The "SociallyUp's Suggestion"

  • Step 7 : Suggest a message

    On your Ambassador application, click on the pencil button at the top right of your screen.

    This button is only visible if the “Ambassador’s Suggestion” feature has been activated by the administrator.


    On mobile interface

    After clicking on the pencil, a window appears to let you suggest a message.



    On the web interface

    After clicking on “Suggest a message".

    A window appears to let you suggest a message.


  • Step 8 : Write your suggested message

    1. Insert the link to the article in the corresponding field or import your media.

    2. Select the networks you wish to publish the content on if you would like to share it immediately.

    3. Click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on the mobile interface or on the “Suggest” button on the web interface.



    On the mobile interface

    On the web interface

  • Step 9 : Discover the message

    If it has been accepted–automatically or by the administrator–your message is visible in your embassy with the category “Ambassador’s Suggestion.”



    On the mobile interface

    On the web interface

  • Step 10 : Unsubscribe from the category "Ambassador's Suggestion"

    All of the “ambassador’s suggestions” will be visible by all of the other ambassadors.

    Those who don't want to receive the suggestions can unsubscribe by simply unchecking the category “Ambassador’s Suggestion.”


    On the mobile interface

    On the web interface

  • The features

  • The board Trello

    you have at your disposal, in your embassy, a Trello board where you will find all the necessary and important information.

    To access it:
    1. Click on the menu at the top right of your screen
    2. Then click on the name of the Table made available to you


    You now have access to the information provided by your administrator.

    You can navigate through the table composed of different maps.
    Click on one of the maps to access detailed information.


    En version web :

  • Chat

    To join the conversation with your administrator:

    1. Click on the menu at the top of your screen
    2. Then click on "Chat"


    The list of current topics appears.

    By clicking on one of the topics offered to you, you have access to the current topics. You can then reply to the administrator directly in the chat room.

  • TIP

    By clicking on "in progress", you have the possibility to find archived topics.

  • You can choose whether or not to receive reminder notifications directly from your embassy.


    To do this, in your embassy, click on "Settings"

    In the "Be notified when new chat messages are posted" section, you can choose to be notified by push notification, email or not be notified at all.

    En version web :

  • Polls

    When your administrator sends you a polls, you are first notified via a push notification.

    Then go to your embassy.

    When a survey is available, a banner mentioning the new polls is visible in the mobile application.

    To access the survey:

    - Click on the menu at the top left of your screen (1)

    - Click on "Polls" (2)

    You then have an overview of the current polls.

    - Click on the survey to access it, then click on "Answer Survey" to start it.

    It's up to you!

    Answer the various questions asked.

    - "Form Reset": this allows you to reset the question

    - "Previous question": this allows you to return to the previous question

    - "Next question": this allows you to move on to the next question


    If the administrator does not necessarily expect an answer from you, you have the option to skip the question without answering it. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass the question until you have provided an answer.


    Once the questions are completed, all you have to do is send your answers to the administrator.

    To do this, click on "Send".

    Once the survey is complete, click on "Close" to return to the home screen.

    En version web :

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